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Client Engagement

Meeting with client in order to understand:

  • Type of work, skill-set and personality/experience required
  • Selection criteria, recruitment timing and process & interaction demands
  • Client culture
  • Special issues in relation to search strategy

Job Profile

  • Company description
  • Job description
  • Profile description

Search Strategy

  • Which companies
  • Which profiles
  • Status report


Candidate Long list

  • Based on Search Strategy & Job Profile
  • Covering potential candidates in selected target companies
  • Utilizing relevant sources based on profile including network and database
  • Leveraging on our experience from the industry and similar assignments
  • Systematic search
  • Exhaustive search
  • Fast search
  • Status report


Candidate Short list

  • First screening through CV reviews and telephone interviews
  • Second screening through face-to-face interviews
  • On the spot presentation & discussion of Job Profile 
  • Thorough evaluation, selection and preparation of candidates for presentation
  • Focused selection
  • In-depth investigation 
  • Well-briefed candidate
  • Status report


Candidate Reporting

  • Preparing report on each candidate before presentation
  • Presenting 3-4 candidates at one session
  • Preparing candidate and client for the presentation
  • Setting up and facilitating the presentation process
  • Conducting reference checks, when desired
  • Ensured overview 
  • Optimised comparability
  • Ensured common ground
  • Maintained momentum 

and Follow-up

Rounding off the process

  • Assistance with contractual negotiations
  • Information to non-hired candidates of the proceedings of the process
  • Regular follow-up during the first year with both candidate and client 
  • Send out questionnaires to presented candidates and client
  • Ensured satisfaction
  • Well-handled candidates
  • Maintained relationship
  • Ensured quality